Sunday, 24 July 2011

Help Get the RAA Team some wheels

As we are sure you are aware, the Romania Animal Aid team went on the road last week on an aid mission to Romania. As well as treating and feeding strays along the way (thanks to your donations via our fill-a-box appeal)  rescueing 4 puppies, 1 adult dog and 2 tiny kittens that were found to have been abused,dumped,abandoned (some had been victims all three of these things) on the sides of  roads.
 Left - Video of 4 of these little guys we rescued last week.

We also dropped off much needed supplies to shelters,meeting with mayors and counsellors,as well as searching for an abused little grey horse. I am sure you will agree our team had a pretty exhausting week both physically and emtionally.

However, what our team experienced and saw did not deter them. Despite the emotional turmoil and the fatigue this aid mission made them even more determined to do it again, not just one more time, or twice, but on a regulary basis.

It is clearly obvious that the animals of Romania as well as the NGO's out there not only need our finanical support and the offer of rehoming the victims of abuse,cruelty and abandonment, but they need a regular influx of basic items,medicines and aid to be delivered to them...getting the aid to where it is most needed rather than waiting on funds to clear or to raise the money to buy the items we can get and deliver to them.

The teams new goal is to establish bi monthly aid drops. Every two months our team are willing to travel by road to Romania,with a van full of donated items ranging from food and treatments, to dog shelters and blankets. Because of our supporters generosity and our network of supplliers and Veterinarians we are more than capable of packing a van every two months and getting the aid right to where it is needed.

Also the plan is, on the way back we would then be able to legally transport ours and other groups/individuals rescued dogs who have been adopted here in the UK back to mainland Britain ready to be collected by their new adopted families. This connection, this ability to transport a few dogs legally back to the UK is desperately needed...We could provide this much needed link.

There is only one thing stopping us...We havent got a van! Now I am sure you will appreciate this could prove tricky, we need one,we can fill one,we have the team ready every two months to drive and travel to Romania in one...But we havent got the very thing that will allow us to help so many more strays, so many more groups,so many more victims of animal abuse and cruelty.

There are two ways in which you can help...
Now we are realistic, unlike many groups who want brand new, top of the line vehicles...We know in this current climate this for the most part is not possible. So this is what we are asking for.

1) If you, or someone you know has a legally safe and reliable transit van, or something similar that they would donate to our charity, please do contact us.
2) That if you havent a spare van lieing around, or someone that you know has one, if you could donate towards our Van appeal.You can do this by clicking here.

Now being realistic,we are looking to raise approx £1,500-£2000. We know this will get us a decent enough van. Ok, we doubt if it will be the best looker on the block, but certainly it will be reliable and safe to get its precious cargo to and from Romania...To us,that's what counts.

  • The Van will registered only to Romania Animal Aid
  • Will strictly only be used for our Aid missions to Romania and collecting donations for these missions

Please note: If by a miracle someone is able to donate such a van to our charity, we will use any donated monies towards things like tax,mot,insurance,breakdown cover or any repairs that may need putting right. Of course, as always reciepts etc will be made available upon request.

We cannot stress how desperate the situation is in Romania, what makes this even more frustrating is knowing that we can help so very much, but are hindered just because we dont have the one thing we need to get us there every other month.

Please Help, in any way you can.